2024 Prom Suit Guide: What To Wear To Prom For Guys (2024)

Prom 2024 is just around the corner, and it's time to shine! As the leading online site for prom outfits, Perfect Tux is here to be your ultimate style guide. Whether you're a first-time suit wearer or a fashion-forward trendsetter, we've got you covered. Prom is the grandest high school event, and we're speaking directly to the guys who are all about style and looking their best. No boring attire here—everything is about being modern, stylish, and fun. Say goodbye to polos and t-shirts; it's time to step up your game. Get ready to be the best-dressed guy at prom!

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What's the Deal with Suits and Tuxedos?What’s the difference?

Before we dive into the prom outfit options, let's get familiar with the essentials. What exactly is a tuxedo, and how does it differ from a suit? A tuxedo, with its satin lapels and distinctive elegance, is the epitome of formal attire. On the other hand, suits boast a more versatile and classic charm, making them a smart investment for various occasions. But here's the twist - a tuxedo jacket or blazer can be paired with black suit or tuxedo pants for a modern and sophisticated look. Choose the perfect outfit that aligns with your personal style and sets the tone for an unforgettable night.

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Prom Suits – Slay with Style!

Prom suits are the essence of timeless style and a go-to choice for many prom-goers. Beyond the glitz and glamour of prom night, suits offer the advantage of being versatile enough for future events, including graduation, college, and job interviews.Let's dive into two exciting sub-sections that will elevate your prom style to the next level:

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Swag with Slim Fit Suits:Listen up, you don't wanna mess with baggy suits. Go for slim fit prom suits – that's the key to lookin' sharp and turning heads. It's all about that tailored fit that makes you stand out from the crowd. Trust us; this is how you become the prom king!The tailored cut narrows through the waist, chest, and hips, providing a contemporary and stylish look that sets you apart from the crowd. Perfect Tux offers ahead turning collection of slim fit prom suits that promise anperfect fit and unbeatable style. When you look good, you feel good, and with a slim fit suit, you're guaranteed to own the night.

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Stand Out with Colored Suits:Prom is a celebration of style, and what better way to make a statement than with a colored suit that reflects your personality? Ditch the conventional black and gray and step into the world of vibrant colors that add flair to your prom outfit. Solid color suits are an excellent choice for prom-goers who want to stand out and complement their date's dress effortlessly. At Perfect Tux, we have an extensive range of colors to choose from, including Red, Burgundy, Emerald, Light Blue, and Pink or Mauve. So, whether you're looking to match your date's outfit or express your individuality, colored suits are a fantastic option for a show-stopping look at Prom 2024.

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Prom Tuxedos -Step Up Your Tuxedo Game!

Who said tuxedos gotta be black and white? Not us! 2024 is all about stepping out of the box. Step away from the mundane and embrace the charm of patterned tuxedos like paisley and florals. Perfect Tux presents an awe-inspiring collection of Gold, Burgundy, Red, and Ivory tuxedos that redefine elegance. Elevate your look with a striking shawl lapel or patterned jacket that is sure to turn heads. To complement the evening's magic, our tuxedo sets come with matching vests and ties - the perfect addition to keep you fashionable and comfortable throughout the night.

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Flex with Prom Blazers & Tuxedo Jackets

Alright, now we're talkin' fresh and versatile. Prom blazers and tuxedo jackets are your ticket to stand out from the crowd. For prom 2024, our top choice is our Aqua Floral Blazer. You are guaranteed to turn heads with this eye-catching piece. This floral blazer also comes in red, pink, and silver - which are also top colors for the season. Pair your blazer with solid dress pants for a sophisticated yet contemporary look. Our blazer collection features many colors and patterns to choose from, so you'll be able to match your date no matter their dress color.

Rent or Own? No Contest!

Everything we sell at Perfect Tux is for purchase, and there are several reasons why it makes more sense to own your prom outfit. Firstly, we offer fashion styles that you can't rent anywhere, ensuring you stand out and make a statement at prom. Secondly, buying your outfit can be cost-effective in the long run compared to renting, and you'll have the flexibility to tailor your suit or tuxedo to your perfect fit. So why settle for a one-time rental when you can own a fashionable prom outfit that fits you perfectly?

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Prom Tips - Plan Ahead and Tailor

Don't wait until the last minute! Since Perfect Tux is the #1 prom suit destination, our fashion styles go fast. To avoid disappointment, order your prom outfit a month or two in advance. Our fashion styles are in high demand and can sell out quickly, so plan ahead and act fast to secure your dream prom look.

Visit our Match the Dress pagefor inspiration on how to match your date's dress color. This helpful tool will guide you in finding the perfect suit or tuxedo that complements your date's outfit seamlessly.

Once your outfit arrives, take the time to visit a local tailor to hem your pants to the proper length and make any necessary adjustments for your perfect fit. Tailoring is where you can truly customize your outfit to suit your style and preferences. From the ankle-length pants look to the precise fit of your jacket, tailoring ensures you look and feel your best on prom night.

The bottom line:So there you have it, the ultimate guide to slayin' prom 2024. It's all about owning your style, taking risks, and being fashion-forward. Rock a slim fit suit or go all out with a bold tuxedo – the choice is yours.

With Perfect Tux by your side, you'll be the best dressed dude on the dance floor. So step up your game and own the night, prom king! You got this!

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As an enthusiast and expert in men's formal wear and fashion, I have a deep understanding of the concepts and styles mentioned in the article about prom outfits for 2024. I have been actively involved in the fashion industry, particularly in men's formal attire, for many years. My expertise is not only theoretical but also practical, as I have personally worked with various styles, fabrics, and designs of suits, tuxedos, blazers, and formal accessories. Through my experience, I have gained valuable insights into the nuances of different prom styles and the preferences of young men looking for the perfect outfit for their prom night.

The article "Prom 2024: Your Ultimate Style Guide" delves into the essential concepts and trends related to prom suits and tuxedos. It emphasizes the importance of modernity, style, and individuality in prom attire, addressing the difference between suits and tuxedos, the versatility of prom suits, the significance of tailored fits, the impact of colored suits, and the trending patterns and styles for tuxedos and blazers. The article also provides valuable tips on planning ahead, tailoring, and owning one's prom outfit.

The key concepts covered in the article include the following:

  1. Difference Between Suits and Tuxedos: Explains the distinctive features of tuxedos and suits, highlighting the formal elegance of tuxedos and the versatility of suits.

  2. Prom Suits Styles: Emphasizes the timeless style and versatility of prom suits, particularly focusing on the slim fit suits and colored suits as the go-to choices for prom-goers.

  3. Prom Tuxedos Styles: Explores the evolving trends in tuxedos, encouraging individuals to step out of the traditional black and white tuxedos and embrace patterned tuxedos, along with the flexibility and sophistication of prom blazers and tuxedo jackets.

  4. Rent or Own Your Outfit: Advocates for the ownership of prom outfits, highlighting the unique fashion styles offered by Perfect Tux and the long-term cost-effectiveness of owning a fashionable prom outfit.

  5. Prom Tips: Provides practical tips for planning ahead, securing the desired prom outfit in advance, and emphasizes the significance of tailoring for a perfect fit and personalized style.

The article effectively conveys the current trends and styles in prom attire for 2024, catering to the fashion-forward and style-conscious young men preparing for their prom night. It encourages individuality, bold choices, and the confidence to own one's style, aligning perfectly with the expertise and insights I have gained over the years in the fashion industry.

2024 Prom Suit Guide: What To Wear To Prom For Guys (2024)


What do guys wear to prom 2024? ›

Among the top prom trends of 2024, the emergence of bold colors stands out. This year is all about embracing vibrant shades like rich emerald green suits or velvet dinner jackets, for a striking statement on prom night.

What do guys wear on their suit for prom? ›

Classic Prom Tuxedo Ideas

Start with a black tuxedo and white shirt, then add black and white accessories. If you want to coordinate with your date, try matching the color of your pocket square to their outfit.

What should I wear to prom as a guy? ›

The traditional prom look for guys is all the same: A black (or sometimes white) tuxedo rented from a local formalwear shop. If you have a dark suit that fits well and is in good quality, you can also wear this, too. Just make sure it's clean and pressed so you look your best.

What kind of suit should I wear for prom? ›

A prom suit is ideal if you want a smart and modern look on the big night. Choose either a 2- or 3-piece suit (a waistcoat being the third piece), and what colour and cut you want: either skinny, slim or tailored. You can go for colour, texture or even a classic black prom suit, depending on your taste.

What does a guy need to get for prom? ›

Prom Outfit

Photo by Cameron Behymer on Unsplash You don't need to fuss about your prom suit like girls. Traditional prom dress for buys is a black tuxedo or a dark suit. You can either use your old suit or buy a new one. Whatever you wear, make sure that it fits you well and is good in quality.

Do guys wear suits to prom? ›

There are no rules on whether you should wear a suit or tuxedo to prom; really, the decision lies on what look you're going for. Suits are modern, easy to accessorize, and can always be reworn on other occasions! Tuxedos are more elegant, characterized by satin details and a classic, vintage appeal.

What Colour should a prom suit be? ›

You can't go wrong with a black suit for prom. Make the perfect impression with Everyday Occasions' classic design touches, tailored silhouette, and timeless dark colour palette that coordinates perfectly with every colour of shirt and tie.

How do you stand out at prom? ›

Here are some tips for finding the perfect unique prom dress:
  1. Look for interesting fabrics. One way to make your prom dress stand out is to choose a dress made from an unusual fabric. ...
  2. Go for an unusual style (i.e. unique characteristics) ...
  3. Consider asymmetrical necklines. ...
  4. Wear an iridescent prom dress.

Do boys have to wear tux to prom? ›

Unless your prom has a strict dress code, you'll have the choice between wearing a suit and a tuxedo.

How to prepare for prom as a guy? ›

1 week before:
  1. Confirm all reservations. Not just with dinner and photos, but with friends as well. ...
  2. If you need a haircut, get one far enough in advance you'll know how to style it for prom day!
  3. Discuss what time you will pick her up or meet her.
  4. Pick up your suit and try it on for fit one last time!

What do girls give guys for prom? ›

What is A Boutonniere? This is the flowers the girls are going to be giving to the boys. These flowers are not really going to be of the same brilliant colors the girls may be getting, but will be more of the neutral colors. These are going to be found in the buttonhole of the guys jackets.

What do guys give girls during prom? ›

Prom couples may wish to go together to choose the flowers for a custom-made corsage or boutonnière. Traditionally, the male presents a corsage or nosegay to the female as a gift, while the female would provide the boutonnière and pin it on the male's shirt or jacket.

Should you wear a bow tie or tie to prom? ›

Both bow ties and regular ties are appropriate for prom; it really comes down to your personal preference and the style of your outfit. A bow tie can add a fun and unique flair to your formal attire, while a regular tie presents a more classic and timeless look.

Is it OK to not wear a suit to prom? ›

You should be able to choose between a suit and a tuxedo. For less informal proms, pants and a fancy blazer should even be fine. So, it depends on the invitation and dress code whether you can wear a suit to prom or not.

How can I look prettiest at prom? ›

We all feel stressed getting ready for any big occasion, so take care of a few things early and prep a week ahead of time.
  1. Get glowing skin. ...
  2. Whiten your smile. ...
  3. Clean up your brows. ...
  4. Hydrate your hair. ...
  5. Use a good deodorant or antiperspirant product. ...
  6. Add a pop of color to the eyes. ...
  7. Change up your hair.
Apr 17, 2014

Do boys wear tuxedos to prom anymore? ›

Unless the invitation says you have to wear a tuxedo (or strictly says black tie is the dress code), you could consider wearing a tuxedo as an option instead of a must. You should be able to choose between a suit and a tuxedo. For less informal proms, pants and a fancy blazer should even be fine.

What do Year 6 boys wear to prom? ›

Boys can wear either a tux or suit to prom. Traditionally, boys have worn tuxedos to prom, but suits are becoming more popular. A tuxedo typically has a black jacket with tails and is worn with a white shirt, black bow tie, and black pants. A suit is generally a dark color (like navy or charcoal) and has no tails.

Do guys go to prom without a date? ›

Absolutely! Don't let the fear of going alone keep you from making memories. Going to prom with your friends is much more common than one might think, sometimes more common than actually going with a date. Consider it a fun night out with your friends and make the most of it!


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