Best Nike Shoes for Bunions - Purposeful Footwear (2024)

Painful bunions can seriously affect your mobility. But a good pair of shoes should help ease the discomfort to get you walking – and perhaps even running again – in no time at all. We’ve all come to know Nike as one of the prime brands for any sort of athletic gear. So I decided to check out their line-up to find out whether they offered any suitable footwear for people who want to stay active even with a painful bunion or two.

Wondering which ones topped my list? Check out these top 8 picks and my reviews for each one to learn more about the best shoes for bunions from the Nike brand.

Top 8 Best Nike Shoes for Bunions


Best Nike Shoes for Bunions - Purposeful Footwear (1)

Air Presto Essential



Best Nike Shoes for Bunions - Purposeful Footwear (2)

Flex 2016 RN Running Shoe



Best Nike Shoes for Bunions - Purposeful Footwear (3)

Roshe Run



Best Nike Shoes for Bunions - Purposeful Footwear (4)

Kaishi Running Shoe



Best Nike Shoes for Bunions - Purposeful Footwear (5)

Free Train Versatility Running Shoe

Best Nike Shoes for Bunions - Purposeful Footwear (6)

Darwin Casual Shoe



Best Nike Shoes for Bunions - Purposeful Footwear (7)

Downshifter 7 Running Shoe



Best Nike Shoes for Bunions - Purposeful Footwear (8)Flex Control Low Top Lace Up Fashion Sneaker4.3


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Air Presto EssentialProsConsFlex 2016 RN Running ShoeProsConsRoshe RunProsConsKaishi Running ShoeProsConsFree Train Versatility Running ShoePros ConsDarwin Casual ShoeProsConsDownshifter 7 Running ShoeProsConsFlex Control Low Top Lace Up Fashion SneakerProsCons

Air Presto Essential

The Nike Air Presto Essential tops my list as the best Nike shoe for Bunions for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the Air Presto is exceptionally soft. And when I say soft, I mean buttery yet dense, giving you that satisfying comfort of responsiveness without the unease of losing your feet in a sea of cushion. The uppers stretch and flex, conforming to your foot and providing breathability for optimal sweat management.

Best Nike Shoes for Bunions - Purposeful Footwear (9)

Inside the sole construction, a featherweight full length midsole offers exceptional responsiveness and cradles the feet for improved comfort. Running true to size, the Air Presto Essential Shoes were designed to embrace your natural motion. This, plus their roomy toe box, makes them ideal for painful bunions.


  • Featherweight design makes it feel like you’re not wearing shoes at all, giving you the freedom to move without the added weight on your feet.
  • Flexible uppers move and flex to your movements, reducing restriction and pressure
  • Breathable material permits exceptional airflow for cool comfort even with long hours of use
  • Runs true to size
  • Cushioned full-length midsole is soft and bouncy, reducing the energy spent on each step
  • Lacing system permits lots of room for adjustment so it’s easy to optimize fit
  • Roomy toe box eliminates pressure on painful bunions
  • Killer aesthetics


  • Costs a very pretty penny

Flex 2016 RN Running Shoe

My second pick for anyone struggling with bunions is the Flex 2016 RN Running Shoe. Designed for running, the Flex 2016 is lightweight, breathable, and flexible, offering superb freedom of movement to limit pressure spots and pain where unnecessary.

Best Nike Shoes for Bunions - Purposeful Footwear (10)

The soft mesh uppers are pliable and highly permissive of airflow. Much like the Air Presto, these shoes have a built-in midsole cushion that helps dampen the impact of heel strike for a more comfortable ride. Finally, I want to mention that the shoes are the perfect example of ideal fit. Locked down around the midfoot region, the Flex 2016 RN is spacious around the toes. This gives you the support and stability you need without losing the space you need to keep your bunions pain-free.


  • Lightweight construction reduces fatigue over long periods of use
  • Flexible and breathable uppers are a dream to walk in, giving you a comfortable barefoot feel while still providing protection and support
  • Full-length midsole cushion lightens the impact of heel strike for improved performance and comfort
  • Locked down midfoot region ensures a stable step
  • Roomy toe box eliminates the chances of applying unnecessary pressure on painful bunions
  • Runs true to size
  • Flexible outsole lets you move without limitations


  • Upper material isn’t as durable as many would have hoped
  • Tend to look old and worn out after just a few weeks of use

Roshe Run

When the Roshe Run first came out, they were an instant hit. These relatively affordable yet fashion-forward Nike shoes are a favorite among street wear enthusiasts, but they’re suitable for other purposes, too. In terms of comfort, the Roshe Runs are some of the best. With buttery soft yet responsive insoles, they’re nothing short of a dream to walk in. This, in combination with they’re highly forgiving uppers, makes them very comfortable to walk in.

Best Nike Shoes for Bunions - Purposeful Footwear (11)

Breathable, lightweight, and pliable, the Roshe Runs were designed for everyday, casual use, and they perform well to that end. They’re comfortable, stylish, and versatile, offering just enough space up front to accommodate an aching bunion.


  • Stylish aesthetic comes in a variety of colorways
  • Lightweight construction makes them easy to walk in
  • Responsive, soft insoles cradle the feet and make each step pain-free
  • Flexible uppers bend and move to your step to eliminate restriction
  • Breathable material minimizes sweat production
  • Reasonably priced
  • Spacious toe box gives painful bunions lots of room to reduce pain


  • Not exactly the most durable shoe
  • Uppers tend to lose their integrity after a while, easily giving up to wear and tear

Kaishi Running Shoe

Following the success of the Roshe Run aesthetic, the company came out with the Kaishi Running Shoe. Taking cues from its stylish predecessor, the Kaishi was designed with similar comfort features. The difference is that the Kaishi is better equipped for athletic use such as running.

Best Nike Shoes for Bunions - Purposeful Footwear (12)

TPU overlays that cover parts of the uppers provide greater stability, and ultimately resolve the integrity issue we saw with the Roshe Run. Save for the soles which also offer substantially more traction, the Kaishi features the same upper material, foam midsole, and low cut silhouette that the Roshe has.


  • Breathable mesh uppers allow substantial airflow for optimal climate control
  • TPU overlays add structure and integrity to an otherwise pliable upper material
  • Soles designed to give greater traction for reliable use during running
  • Foam midsole is soft yet dense, making each step comfortable and relaxed
  • Casual aesthetic works well for a variety of outfits and occasions
  • Much more durable compared to its Roshe counterpart
  • Lightweight build lets you get around without any extra weight on your feet


  • Slightly narrower toe box than the Roshe’s
  • Falls along the higher end of the price spectrum

Free Train Versatility Running Shoe

Another great pick if you want something that’ll be easy on your bunions is the Free Train Versatility Running Shoe. This particular design is a featherweight, allowing you to get around and move without the burden of clumsy shoes weighing you down. Much like many other Nike running shoes, they’re flexible and breathable, so they won’t be difficult to walk in.

Best Nike Shoes for Bunions - Purposeful Footwear (13)

FlyWire cables connected to the laces help improve lockdown by adjusting tightness all around for a dynamic fit. Around front though, the Free Train Versatility Running Shoe still maintains a pretty substantial toe box to prevent pressure on the bunions. What’s nice about the Free Train Versatility is that the whole shoe is quite roomy, so the addition of an orthotic insert won’t make them too tight.


  • Flexible mesh material permits a wide range of motion for optimum comfort
  • Breathable design minimizes the production of perspiration
  • Triangular pods on the outsoles contract and bend to accommodate even greater flexion
  • Rough patches on the borders of the outsoles provide satisfying traction on both indoor and outdoor terrain
  • Spacious toe box prevents pressure on painful bunions
  • Enough room for an orthotic insert
  • FlyWire cables allow a dynamic fit


  • Runs slightly small. Buy a size up.
  • Stitching keeping the uppers together could use some improvement

Darwin Casual Shoe

With an aesthetic similar to the Air Presto Essential, it’s no surprise that the Darwin Casual Shoe offers pretty much the same comfort and performance. They’re breathable, flexible, and comfortable, especially because they use specially designed injected unitsoles to provide substantial cushioning and bounce.

Best Nike Shoes for Bunions - Purposeful Footwear (14)

If the Darwin Casual shoe is so much like the top placer in my list, why didn’t it rank higher, you might ask? Well, the main problem lies in the fact that they take a while to break-in. At first, the shoes might feel a little too snug which may deter people with painful bunions from using them again. But once you get past the initial tightness, they start to feel a lot like the Air Presto Essentials.


  • Flexible material is highly permissive of movement
  • Breathable mesh allows substantial air flow for efficient sweat management
  • Injected unitsoles are responsive and bouncy, reducing the energy needed for each step
  • Rubber outsole pods provide maximum traction on both indoor and outdoor terrain
  • FlyWire cables make it easier to achieve the right fit
  • Solid aesthetics make them great for everyday, casual use


  • Take some time to break-in
  • Snug around the midfoot region
  • Can apply some pressure on bunions at the start

Downshifter 7 Running Shoe

Light, flexible, and soft, the Downshifter 7 Running Shoe is a well-performing athletic design that has also been used time and time again for a variety of special foot conditions. What I think sets it apart from others – especially because it uses the same mesh uppers and rubber outsoles as most other designs – is its articulated midsole which adds a facet of flexibility to the overall build.

Best Nike Shoes for Bunions - Purposeful Footwear (15)

What’s more, the shoe also has a no-sew midfoot saddle that adds support and improves lockdown for a safe and stable step. Other than that, the Downshifter 7 is your run-of-the-mill Nike running shoe, banking on comfort and support to give you a reliable footwear choice for daily use.


  • Pliable design allows a wide range of motion
  • Articulated midsole permits a natural step with minimal restriction
  • Spacious toe box
  • Breathable mesh material for substantial air flow
  • No-sew saddle provides extra support
  • Comfortable insole cradles the feet for a pain-free step


  • Tight around the midfoot region
  • Doesn’t grip well on wet pavement
  • Takes a while to break-in for a more comfortable user experience

Flex Control Low Top Lace Up Fashion Sneaker

The last shoe on my list of the best Nike shoes for bunions is the Flex Control Low Top Lace Up Fashion Sneaker. With articulated grooves on the outsole and an aggressive tread pattern that’s designed to stick, the shoes are some of the most reliable I’ve seen. Stepping on most surfaces results in a satisfying grip which I personally think is essential if you find yourself adjusting your gait to accommodate a painful bunion.

Best Nike Shoes for Bunions - Purposeful Footwear (16)

Comfort wise, they’re not too shabby. Cushioned insoles, foam midsoles, and plush padding all keep the foot comfortable in its place for extended periods of walking. If anything, the only reason why I couldn’t bring myself to rank them any higher is the fact that they’re a little on the flimsy side. So do expect some wear and tear a few months in.


  • Articulated groove outsoles help make each step more natural and free
  • Plush padding inside and around the collar add support and comfort
  • Tread patterns work well on interior and outdoor terrain
  • Mesh uppers are flexible and permit a wide range of motion
  • Lightweight construction
  • Wide silhouette can easily accommodate a painful bunion


  • The tongue might cause some pressure and friction over the dorsum of the foot
  • Might feel bulky for some users
  • Not too great against wear and tear
Best Nike Shoes for Bunions - Purposeful Footwear (2024)


Best Nike Shoes for Bunions - Purposeful Footwear? ›

The Nike Motiva is our pick for the best responsive sneakers for people with bunions because they were created with that in mind. Their distinctively patterned outsole and exaggerated rocker make your stride smooth, cushioned, and comfortable.

What type of shoes is better for a person with bunions? ›

Wide Toe Box: Wide shoes will provide more space for the bunion and may also feature arch support to prevent the bunion from worsening. Dr. Daughtry recommends avoiding narrow-toe boxes and unforgiving materials like tight leather.

Are Hokas good for people with bunions? ›

To manage and prevent bunion pain, it's advisable to wear shoes that have sufficient width for bunions, a rounded toe box, and appropriate arch support. Brands like Rothy's, Dr. Scholl's, Hoka, New Balance, Clarks, Sole Bliss, Birkenstock, and FitVille offer shoes specifically designed for individuals with bunions.

What are the best running shoes for people with bunions? ›

The New Balance Fresh Foam X 860 v13

Elevate your running experience with the New Balance Fresh Foam 860 v13, a stellar choice for those with bunions, combining stability and cushioning in a shoe that prioritizes both performance and comfort.

Does Nike make adaptive shoes? ›

Nike EasyOn – Adaptive Shoes for Every Body.

Is walking barefoot better for bunions? ›

Going barefoot is ideal in the beginning stages of bunions. When barefoot, the joints of the toes will get stronger, an important part of good foot health.

Should shoes be tight or loose for bunions? ›

Buy shoes made from a stretchy material, such as leather or canvas. Look for adjustable shoes with laces or a strap that you can loosen to accommodate changes in the size of your feet or bunion over time. Avoid shoes that are pointed, narrow, or tight. You should also stay away from heels that are higher than 2 inches.

Why do podiatrists recommend Hoka? ›

"Hokas are good for long-distance running because it's a maximalist shoe (meaning it has a high-heel stack) and is made of EVA, which is a foam that helps with shock absorption," Brenner says. People who walk or stand for long periods of time can also benefit from the shoe's maximalist approach to cushioning.

Are Crocs good for bunions? ›

That's why they're comfortable. Crocs give you ultimate comfort and space which make them a perfect fit for folks suffering from boils, bunions, verucas, warts, and other kinds of illnesses. A large number of crocs are also made with antibacterial lining to fight infection for individuals with open wounds.

How I cured my bunions naturally? ›

How I cure my bunions naturally? You can try massaging and exercising your feet, taking paracetamol, soaking your feet in a foot bath, icing your feet, and using castor oil, bunion pads, and bunion splints. These methods can help alleviate bunions naturally.

Do you need special shoes for bunions? ›

What to Look for When Shopping for Shoes for Bunions. Fit: Look for shoes with a roomy and flexible fit that allow some room for your bunions without putting pressure on them. Shoes that are available in wide or extra-wide sizes and have laces or straps are also helpful, especially if you have larger feet.

Are open toed shoes better for bunions? ›

Open toed sandals with arch support may be the best medicine for bunions. Wellness minded brands like Oofos and Olukai let you spend the day in healing comfort.

Are on cloud sneakers good for bunions? ›

#6 Best On Running For Bunions – On Cloudflyer Wide

Cloudflyer running shoes are known for their comfort and style. They feel super nice on your feet, due to their soft cushioning, but they also have the stability you need.

What is special about the Nike Adapt? ›

Debuting in the new Nike Adapt BB basketball sneaker, Nike Adapt is an advanced fit solution that offers a platform to create a custom fit. Combining an advanced power-lacing system, an app and continually updated firmware, the performance footwear offers an optimal fit, even as the game progresses.

Is Kizik owned by Nike? ›

In 2017, Michael Pratt, Kizik's founder, invented "HandsFree Labs®️" Technology, which consists of an internal cage that makes slipping into pair of sneakers hands-free, seamless, and accessible. Then, in 2019, Kizik's parent company, HandsFree Labs, received a minority stake investment from Nike.

What are Nike Adapt shoes? ›

Welcome to the future of footwear. The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 is the first fully-functioning athletic shoe that electronically adjusts to the contours of your foot via adaptive lacing technology – providing a personal, customized fit that makes it feel like an extension of your body.

Do I need wide shoes if I have bunions? ›

If you form a Bunion and continue to wear ill-fitted shoes, the Bunion will continue to get larger. Fitting a Bunion in a wide shoe, along with proper fitting arch support you are decreasing the chances of it getting any larger and it will also alleviate the pain associated with a Bunion.

What worsens bunions? ›

Wearing tight, narrow shoes might cause bunions or make them worse. Bunions can also develop as a result of the shape of your foot, a foot deformity or a medical condition, such as arthritis. Smaller bunions (bunionettes) can develop on the joint of your little toe.

Do bunions need arch support? ›

Good shoes for bunions will have a wide toe box, good arch support, and a cushioned footbed. Look for shoes with wide options to better accommodate your bunion and avoid putting further pressure on your toe joints.


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