Bowen's Voice - SPT Mods Workshop (2024)

Bowen's Voice - SPT Mods Workshop (3)

    • SPT 3.8.3
  • Liviflame
  • Jun 1st 2024

Please do not ask when mod authors will update their mods to 3.9.0
Bothering mod authors will lead to warnings and repeat offenses will lead to eventual bans.

A simple PMC Voice mod, Voiced by yours truly.

Somehow, Some way, I've fallen into the Tarkov region. Now I gotta escape.

This mod took a few months off my life.

This is a simple voice mod, voiced by me, Livi!

Including over 600 voicelines, most of which are copies of the ones your regular USEC voices would say, save for some fiathful additions.

The entire voice pack is lore-friendly. I tried not to create something too wild to hear in a video game that tries to be serious.

Applicable to both USEC and BEAR factions.

And to anyone else using this mod,
thank you for letting me yell in your raids!

How To Install:

Extract the BepInEx and user folder into your SPT install folder.

If prompted to overwrite existing files, say yes.

Bowen's Voice - SPT Mods Workshop (4)

How To Use:

Simply select the "Bowen" voice under the in-game settings menu, inside the Sounds tab.

Or (if you're using the WTT - Head and Voice Selector) you can change it by going to your stash - Character (Tab in the top left) - And selecting the drop down for your voice underneath the character preview model.

Almost every single voice line from the vanilla games' voices are recreated. Some were withheld from addition - due to not being implemented in the actual game yet, like mortar fire, Sonar callouts ETC.

This took me approximately 12 hours to create from scratch,

Ripping the base Usec_3 sounds (josh)

Copying every single voice (Even the unused ones)

Naming them properly

I am not counting the time it took to figure out unity, this is the first time I have really touched it, and the lurning curve is steep.

If you have found a voice is

1. Poor in quality

2. missing/Bugged

3. In general doesn't sound right

Contact me here, or in the WTT / SPT discord,

My handle is Livi

If you want me to add a voice line, or make some for you - I am more than happy to. Same as above, contact me wherever and I'll get back with you.

HUGE Shoutout to GrooveypenguinX AND rockahorse - for both dealing with me being a massive idiot with Unity, troubleshooting with me, for Groovey's VoiceAdder Mod (Based on the original by CWX), and for creating WTT - Up In Smoke mod (This mod uses its server code.)

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  • Voice
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  • Version 1.0.2

    • Liviflame

    - Fixed Out of stamina/Faceshield down. Sorry Bowen's Voice - SPT Mods Workshop (6)

    - Fixed Enemy down calls (used by bots, bot support will be added at a later date.)

    • Version 1.0.1

      • Liviflame

      -Fixed hurt grunts. They now play when you're hurt. (I.E. Getting shot makes you groan out in pain)

      • Version 1.0.0

        • Liviflame


        • C4D3

          is there a way that i can make me a custom voice audio? if so please tell me how.

          • LiviflameAuthor

            I'd reccomend looking in the WTT discord for more information about the voice mod, including their mod chat, so you can read up, and ask how to do it.

        • feedtaken

          Had some fun with this haha! I haven't added many mods to my experience but this one was a no brainer! Got me wanting to use my own voice so it feels like I'm playing as myself, can only imagine burning my own head out trying to do it though.


          • LiviflameAuthor

            It was significantly more straining to record than i thought it would be.

            My vocal cords just recently got better, the last couple days I've sounded like an 80s rock artist.


          • feedtaken

            For sure, there was plenty of voice lines to cover. Haha the hard work definitely paid off! Bowen's Voice - SPT Mods Workshop (16)


        • FinalsSoundDev

          Your voice really reminds me of Michael Tsarouhas from most of those sourcemod multiplayer games. I love it, it sounds really good and mostly fitting.

          The mic pop sounds can be heard at times but honestly it doesnt effect it too much. Good mod, great voice. Love how you strayed away from the script at times and did your own versions of the voice lines and some entirely new ones.

          Even got hit with an easter egg when you recited a popular scene from Taken.

          Great mod. Maybe even 10/10.


          • LiviflameAuthor

            Yes, unfortunately the popping was tough to remove in post aswell, this is just my microphone sitting on a desk.

            if i had a proper booth with good hardware i think itd go insanely hard.

            thank you so much for the kind words, I'm flattered to be compared to someone i actually look up to in the voice acting community!

          • FinalsSoundDev

            Aye, np! I feel like hes one of my favorite voices in gaming, generally cool guy and has a great voice. Hope you get to do more professional works out there because your voice sounds good. Only thing holding you back is the mic issues but nothing else.

            Keep going laddie, I'm sure you'll hit it big with something. You already seem to be doing so with this mod so hey, maybe you really will get more popularity. Until then, good luck!


        • Klinical

          I need to add my voice into the game! XD

          If i wanted to make this my voice all i'd have to do is replace the files right?
          I already have the voices pre recorded for this exact moment in time when a mod like this is released X)
          Also do you know how many alternative voice lines can be randomly played in place?
          I have up to ten different phrases for each mumble phrase whats the cap?

          edit: i just saw you did the same with another mod so most of these questions are answered.

          • LiviflameAuthor

            Theoretically, there are an unlimited number of voice alternatives, from what ive seen, most i recorded for one is the mumble, with a total of 29 different voices, so i suppose its a large amount.

            Something like swapping the voices is significantly more involved than one would think. you basiclaly have to rip an existing mod apart, and squish it all back together with your own stuff. Drag and drop is not really supported as of yet.

            I'd recommend joining the WTT server for assistance, if you need it. Groovey and Rockahorse are very helpful! I'll also be active in there, if you need any other type of help.

        • BomeYo

          I wasn't expecting much in terms of voice acting,

          but I gotta say these voice lines sound like they were pulled right out of the game!

          Good job man.


          • LiviflameAuthor

            Thanks so much! I do ametuer voice acting, but this is the most attention ive received for my work, thanks!

        • redone196

          Cool mod!
          I'd like to ask if there's a way to replace a certain audio file inside a bundle with another audio file?

          • LiviflameAuthor

            Youd have to basically remake the entire thing.

            If youre asking to swap out one of the files with a different sound made by me, ill be happy to take suggestions on how to improve/enhance it.

        • Stonemountain

          Cool, the scene needs more of these! Well done!


          • LiviflameAuthor

            Much love 🥰

        • nastya

          will there be voice examples?

          • LiviflameAuthor

            I can post a quick video, for sure!

          • LiviflameAuthor

            Posted! Check it out, its currently in standard def, High quality will be done in about 30 minutes (Per youtubes online tool)

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        Bowen's Voice - SPT Mods Workshop (2024)


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