Does Proctorhub Record Your Screen (2024)

Are you feeling a bit uneasy about using ProctorHub for your online exams? Perhaps you've heard whispers about whether it invades your privacy by recording your screen. Well, let's delve into this hot topic and clear up any confusion.

Understanding ProctorHub:

Before diving into whether ProctorHub records your screen, let's understand what ProctorHub is. ProctorHub is a remote proctoring solution designed to ensure the integrity of online exams. It works seamlessly with learning management systems like Canvas, providing educators with a tool to monitor students during exams.

The Functionality of ProctorHub:

ProctorHub offers various features to maintain exam integrity, such as webcam monitoring, browser lockdown, and keystroke detection. These features aim to prevent cheating and ensure that students are completing exams honestly. However, the question remains: does it record your screen?

Screen Recording with ProctorHub:

Yes, ProctorHub does have the capability to record your screen during an exam. This feature allows instructors to review the exam environment and ensure that students are not accessing unauthorized materials or websites. While this may raise concerns about privacy, it's essential to understand how this information is used.

Privacy Concerns:

Privacy is a valid concern, especially when it comes to recording screens during exams. Students may feel uneasy knowing that their every move is being monitored. However, it's important to note that ProctorHub is designed to only capture activity within the exam environment. Personal information or unrelated activity is not recorded or monitored.

Transparency and Consent:

Instructors using ProctorHub are typically required to inform students about the monitoring procedures before the exam. This transparency allows students to make an informed decision about participating in the exam. Additionally, students may be required to consent to the monitoring process before beginning the exam.

Protecting Student Rights:

While ProctorHub aims to maintain exam integrity, it's crucial to balance this with respect for student rights. Institutions utilizing remote proctoring solutions should have clear policies in place regarding data privacy and student consent. Students should feel comfortable knowing that their privacy rights are being respected throughout the exam process.


In conclusion, yes, ProctorHub does have the capability to record your screen during exams. However, this feature is implemented to maintain exam integrity and prevent cheating. It's essential for institutions to be transparent about their monitoring procedures and to respect student privacy rights throughout the process.


1. Can I disable screen recording during my exam? Unfortunately, most remote proctoring solutions, including ProctorHub, do not allow students to disable screen recording during exams. This is to ensure the integrity of the exam process.

2. Will ProctorHub record my personal information? No, ProctorHub is designed to only capture activity within the exam environment. Personal information or unrelated activity is not recorded or monitored.

3. How long are exam recordings stored by ProctorHub? The retention period for exam recordings may vary depending on institutional policies. However, recordings are typically stored for a limited time to allow for review and evaluation by instructors.

4. Can I review my exam recording after the exam is completed? In most cases, students do not have access to their exam recordings. However, instructors may review recordings as part of the exam review process.

5. What should I do if I have concerns about privacy during an exam? If you have concerns about privacy during an exam, it's essential to reach out to your instructor or exam proctoring support staff. They can provide clarification on the monitoring procedures and address any privacy concerns you may have.

Does Proctorhub Record Your Screen (2024)


Does Proctorhub Record Your Screen? ›

Only what is viewable by your webcam. Your computer screen is not recorded.

What does Proctor Hub record? ›

ProctorHub test is a UCF test monitoring system that uses a webcam to monitor test-taking activity during online testing. The program can record videos from a webcam (images and screenshots only) and a microphone, and once the test is complete, a script runs to compile the photos into a video on a weekly schedule.

Does the proctor exam record your screen? ›

NOTE: Your webcam view and your screen will be recorded through the duration of your exam.

Does Proctor record you? ›

Proctored exams are timed exams that you take while proctoring software monitors your computer's desktop, webcam video and audio. The data recorded by the proctoring software is transferred to a proctoring service for review.

How does proctor Hub detect cheating? ›

By utilizing test takers' webcams and the modern features of current web browsers, UCF developed a program that captures the test taking process. If any complication or issue is suspected, the instructors are able to go back and investigate.

What does proctor detect? ›

Monitor Student's Testing Environment

Proctortrack detects students receiving outside help from friends, unauthorized devices, course materials, or textbooks, with continuous identity verification throughout the exam via facial recognition.

Can proctor detect my phone? ›

Multi-Device Detection

Detects when test takers try to search test questions during exams using a secondary device, such as a cell phone; then the proctor validates and clearly marks the violation.

What is not allowed in a proctored exam? ›

Talking aloud: Unless you have an accommodation, talking or whispering aloud during the exam is not permitted. Being out of camera view: Your face, chin to forehead, needs to be in the camera view at all times. Anyone entering your testing area: You may not have anyone else in your testing location with you.

What should you not do in a proctored exam? ›

Understanding the proctor's watchful eye
  • Presence or absence: Make sure you remain in the video frame throughout the exam.
  • Background noise: Make sure the room remains silent; extraneous voices can trigger alerts.
  • Use of unauthorized aids: Keep phones, tablets and other devices away.
Dec 12, 2023

Is someone watching you during a proctored exam? ›

A proctored exam is an exam in which there is a person present to monitor and supervise students during the exam. These proctors will usually authenticate students' IDs, keep track of time, and watch students to make sure that they are following test guidelines and instructions.

Is it a real person watching proctored exam? ›

The candidates' computer activity, webcam video, and audio are recorded by software and shared with the online proctoring service via the cloud. The data is then reviewed. An invigilator observes the candidates in real time during the exam.

Do online proctors watch you? ›

Live online proctoring

They download a secure browser and are assigned a proctor to observe their test in real-time. The proctor can intervene if they see anything suspicious, either giving the test taker a warning or pausing the test to investigate.

What data does Proctoru collect? ›

When you undertake the exam, you will have audio and video contact with a live proctor. The proctor will have remote access to your screen and webcam, and identify your computer's IP address. Recordings via your webcam and screen will be captured during the exam to ensure academic integrity.

Can the AI proctor detect cheating? ›

For example, AI can be used in proctoring software to track eye movements, facial expressions, and keyboard strokes to detect anomalies during online exams. Moreover, AI-based text analysis tools can identify subtle changes in a student's writing style, indicating potential AI-assisted cheating.


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