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Do you need recipe ideas to use up your leftover roast beef? Below you will find many ideas for using leftover roast or prime rib in traditional recipes as well as leftoverroast beef recipes.

Recipes to Use Up Leftover Roast Beef (1)

I usually make a standing rib roaston Christmas Day. It is a such aflavorfulcut, but it is almost impossible to find a roast smaller than 6 pounds, so we always end up with leftovers. When money is tight I make a cross rib roast which is less expensive and slightly smallerbut is still a 4 – 5-pound roast.

It may be tempting to buy a boneless roast, but Irecommendagainst it. I find bone-in roasts to be more flavorful and the bones from the roast can be used to make broth or add flavor to beans and soups. If you don’t have time to use the bones within a few days of serving the roast, place them in the freezer to use at a later time.

Cooked roast beef freezes well. I can stretch the leftovers over several weeks, by freezing the roast in usable portions and then thawing it as needed. You can find more information about storing and using leftovers here.

Recipes to Use Up Leftover Roast Beef:

Hoppin’ John – uses both the leftover roast and the bones from your roast.

Shepherd’s Pieis usually made with ground beef, but is delicious when made with leftover roast!

Beef Stew Casserole – Add the leftover roast to step three, instead of step two.

Barbecue Beef Stuffed Potatoes–Shred the leftover roast and add barbecue sauce to make barbecued beef.

Beef Stew with Cabbage– Add leftover roast to Step two instead of step one.

Easy Broccoli and Beef– Leftover roast works well in astir-fry (add leftover roast to thesecond step instead of first).

Boeuf Bourguignon – made using leftover beef roast.

Beef Barley Soup – A hearty soup using leftover roast or prime rib.

Roast Beef Dip Sandwiches – made with leftover roast beef.

Pot Roast and Cheddar Grilled Sandwiches – take grilled cheese to a whole new level!

Pulled Roast Beef Tacos are a delicious way to create a completely different meal with your leftover roast beef.

Recipes Using Roast from Prep-Ahead Meals from Scratch:

If you have my cookbook, Prep-Ahead Meals from Scratch, you can use the leftover roast in these recipes from the cookbook:

  • Philly Cheesesteak Quesadillas page 88
  • Fajita Frittata page 91
  • Asian Beef and Broccoli Slaw Wraps page 95
  • French Dip Pizza on page 96
  • Cottage Pie with Cornbread Crust page 99
  • Swiss Steak Stew page 101
  • Skillet Beef Burgandy page 103

Use Leftover Roast in Place of Steak in these Recipes:

Fiesta Steak and Pasta Saladworks just as well with leftover roast as it does with steak.

Southwest Steak Salad with Honey Lime Dressingis great with leftover roast.

Steak and Asparagus Frittatacan just as easily be made with leftover roast.

SpicySteakand Artichoke Sandwich– slice the roast thin to use on this sandwich.

Steak and Asparagus Breakfast Wraps – A delicious and portable breakfast.

More ideas for using leftover roast in recipes:

Use the bones from your roast to make beef brothin a slow cookeror add flavor to beans when cooking them.

Leftover roast makes a flavorful addition to Quesadillas.

I replace the hamburger in Taco Salad with leftover roast. I saute the onions in a little oil and then add 2 cups bite size pieces of roast at the same time I add the beans.

I make tacos by adapting Tegan’s Taco Recipes. I cut up 2 cups bite-size pieces of roast, add 1 1/2 – 2 cups diced tomatoes and 1 -2 tablespoons of taco seasoning and cook it over a medium heat until it is heated through.

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How do you use up leftover roast beef?

About Alea Milham

Alea Milham is the owner of Premeditated Leftovers and the author of Prep-Ahead Meals from Scatch. She shares her tips for saving money and time while reducing waste in her home. Her favorite hobby, gardening, is a frugal source of organic produce for her recipes. She believes it is possible to live fully and eat well while spending less.


  1. Barbara Karr says

    I am 71years old and have lived in several different states. I know from place to place the same cut of meat can have different names. I have never heard of a Cross-rib Roast. Do you know that cut by any other name? I would like to make a couple of your recipes and your beef broth. I would like to get as close to the cut you used as I can. Thank you for the recipes! Best wishes, B. Karr


    • Alea Milham says

      A beef cross rib roast comes from the shoulder area of the animal, from the arm half of the chuck roast.


  2. Annette says

    I love these ideas! I always have leftover roast. Thanks for sharing!


  3. tijuana (po' man meals) says

    this is a delicious lineup for leftover roast recipes! such great ideas, too. i am absolutely trying that southwest steak salad. looks so good! 🙂


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Recipes to Use Up Leftover Roast Beef (2024)


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